The Benefits of Custom eCommerce Software

The Benefits of Custom eCommerce Software

While off-the-shelf eCommerce software can be the easy go-to option to get started quickly, you may find you pay the price for it later. It can be difficult and expensive to tailor to your needs, which is why a custom eCommerce software solution could be a better option for your business. Here we explain the benefits of custom eCommerce software to show you how it can help.

Quick scalability

When you buy off-the-shelf software, it is designed within certain parameters to do a particular job. This makes it harder for it to adapt to the growth of your business without forcing you to invest in extra add-ons. If you want to scale up quickly, solutions such as Shopify give you far more control to increase its scope as and when you need without causing major disruption. Webshape build Shopify websites from scratch and can scale them to size as your business expands.

Increased conversion rate

Now more than ever there is a big focus on user experience online and a custom eCommerce website enables you to optimise functionality so you can improve customer satisfaction. By making it easier for customers to find the things they need quickly and easily, they are more likely to remain on your site, which reduces bounce rates and increases the likelihood of them returning for repeat business. A customised eCommerce system can be tailored based on the specific requirements of your customers, making their journey on your site much simpler. Take a look at our eCommerce website solution that can be used for any type of business.

Brand identity control

When you use an out-the-box platform, there are limits to what you can change and alter, which can be frustrating when you want to develop a unique brand that stands out from competitors. For example, we’re use customised solutions such as Webflow as it offers greater control over the layout, colour, features and overall website design, helping to reinforce consistency across all channels and, most importantly, in the minds of your customers.

Customise your SEO

Off-the-shelf eCommerce platforms typically rely on general search engine optimisation tools that will not be targeted and specific enough for you to increase the exposure of your business online. We’ve built a large number of customised sites for WooCommerce, as you can build in relevant landing pages, product meta tags and an XML sitemap that is tailored to boost your SEO, which can improve your natural rankings and increase your exposure online.

Secure data protection

ECommerce software development enables you to tighten up your security measures to protect valuable business and customer data. This is particularly helpful for transactions carried out online, as you can build in encryption to keep it safe from hackers. The data will also be stored in the cloud on remote servers, making it easy for your team to access as and when needed.

Add Value, Save Money

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