Why use custom software for property management?

Why use custom software for property management?

Property management requires you to keep several plates spinning, which demands you divide your time across multiple tasks. While there are some benefits to performing manual tasks, the use of technology can make things much more efficient, especially with a system tailor-made to your specific needs. Here we discuss why you should use custom property management software and the many ways it can help your business.

Better communication

Using custom property management software helps to improve communication across the board, enabling tenants to access and update the system with key information. Offering a tenant portal allows them to report maintenance requests whenever needed, which ensures issues can be resolved much faster, helping to maintain the value of the property.

Access from anywhere

If you build cloud-based property management software, you have greater flexibility to access the platform at any time and from anywhere. It ensures real-time data is available to your business and tenants without restriction, so you are not solely relying on spreadsheets that only have use when you are in the office. Our custom property management software service improves accessibility and gives you even more control over your data.

Less admin work

Administrative work can be a time-consuming task and due to its detailed nature, often lead to a lot of errors being made. However, you can build custom software for property management that automatically updates itself, reducing the amount of time you need to commit to admin work, which can lower error rates and enable you to focus more on other key areas of the business.

Easy payment

Tracking rent payments can be difficult as it often takes a few days to process when they are submitted manually, which can mean they are sometimes overlooked on manually created spreadsheets. Custom software can be built to monitor tenant’s payments and update your financial reports, ensuring more accuracy and less time spent chasing potentially missed payments on your end.

Enhanced security

Custom property management software can be built to include particular security measures you need to keep sensitive business and tenant data protected. As a business you need to comply with UK GDPR regulations and with the threat of cyber-attacks growing larger all the time, you need to ensure you have the right level of security in place. The custom software can store the data securely online and use high level encryption to keep it safe.

Data analysis

To make accurate and improved business decisions you need access to data that can be analysed in detail. Collating data from various sources for analysis can be time consuming, but with a custom property management system it can all be kept in one place for ease of access. You can run reports to identify trends to adjust your next move as a business, hopefully keeping you ahead of your competitors.

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